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PanasonicOrder.com Introduces Attune II


Attune II Communications System

most durable & advanced sound technology in the industry

Foodservice operators asked for help managing noise in the drive-thru, and Panasonic delivered by Introducing Attune™ II — the crush-proof, spill-proof, noise-cancelling, drive-thru headset that can transform a noisy restaurant into an oasis of calm where every order comes through loud and clear. Attune II is the most-effective noise-cancelling headset system in the industry. Combine that with rugged headsets that can take 1,100 lbs. of crushing force and keep working, and you’ve got a system that can speed orders and save massive amounts in repair and replacement costs.  

  •  > DECT technology almost totally reduces ambient noise up to four times so customers can be heard crystal clear, and employees get orders right the first time. Please view the video for details. 
  •  > Toughbook RUGGED— the standard for the police and military , Panasonic brings the same durability to the Attune ‘s rugged design.


Start taking drive-thru orders more efficiently by ordering Attune II for your restaurant. Find out more about how Attune II can decrease noise and increase orders by improving restaurant communications.

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