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Panasonic Attune II



Attune II Communications System

most durable & advanced sound technology in the industry

  • Rise Above the Noise

    Attune™ II is the most-effective; noise-cancelling headset system in the industry. Combine that with rugged headsets that can take 1;100 lbs. of crushing force and keep working; and you've got a system that can speed orders and save massive amounts in repair and replacement costs.

    Silence: the sweet sound of your success

    Every time a customer or an employee has to repeat an order; your business loses precious seconds. Attune II radically reduces every type of sound that can interrupt the conversation using three; key technologies: active noise cancellation; dynamic noise suppression and the DECT protocol.

    Active noise cancellation

    Fryers; soda machines; customers — restaurants are noise machines. We designed Attune II to actively cancel out low-; mid- and high-volume background noise. Popping on a set of Attune II headsets is like turning down the volume on your entire establishment.

    Dynamic noise suppression

    Standard noise suppression eliminates low-frequency; steady hums like crowds and machinery. Attune II suppresses all of those; plus sounds most headphones can't cancel out — like sirens; blaring horns and kitchen chaos. Attune II gives your staff and customers a quiet; calm space where they can communicate clearly and easily.

    Built to take whatever your restaurant dishes out

    From its tough; inch-wide headband; to its heavy-duty buttons and fully sealed; oil-; water -and grease-resistant design; Attune II is built to outlast every competitor on the market. Tested to 1;100 lbs.

    Endured 20;000 rotations and a 44-lb. pull — with no damage

    Withstood 300;000 openings and 13;000 flattenings with no damage

    — the standard for the police and military , Panasonic brings the same durability to the Attune ‘s rugged design.


Start taking drive-thru orders more efficiently by ordering Attune II for your restaurant. Find out more about how Attune II can decrease noise and increase orders by improving restaurant communications.

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