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Panasonic Attune II ATTII6AIOSYS-P 6 All-in-One Headset System - Single Lane Center Module

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Product Description


  • qty 1 – Single Lane Center Module (WX-CC411) **THIS IS THE SINGLE LANE KIT**
  • qty 6 – All-In-One Headset (WX-CH450)
  • qty 1 – 4-Port Charger (WX-Z3040)
  • qty 6 – Battery (WX-B3030)
  • qty 1 – Outdoor Microphone (WX-CS460)
  • qty 1 – Outdoor Speaker (WX-CS460)
  • qty 1 – Speaker/Microphone Cable Kit


  • qty 1 - System Vehicle Detector (917-1S)
  • Optional Installation - Single Lane (WCSINT)
  • qty 1 - SD Card (32HDSD)
  • qty 1 - Detector Inground Loop (865LOOP)

Learn how the Attune II can solve food service communication challenges. WATCH VIDEO                                 

Attune ® II Wireless DECT drive-thru communication systems - Say goodbye to drive-thru miscommunications and lost orders. Attune II actively reduces ambient noise up to 4 times so your employees can hear your customers and get orders right the first time.

Designed for the reality of QSRs
- Panasonic designed Attune II to outlast every competitor on the market, and independent tests confirm we hit the mark. Attune II can withstand 1,100 lbs. of direct pressure without failing, 300,000 twists and bends of its headband, and is completely sealed against liquids and grease.

Touch screen access to live surveillance feeds - The Attune II touch screen, multimedia center module integrates live security camera feeds so your drive-thru operators can see, as well as hear, your customers. Designed for maximum simplicity, the Attune II center module makes system management, recording greetings, even backing up — easier than ever.

Attune II Wireless Audio System  Model # WX-CC411
Typical noise suppression eliminates low-frequency steady-hums like droning fans and idling freezers. Attune™ II suppresses all of those plus sounds across the spectrum, including sounds that change in pitch and volume like sirens, beeping horns, and kitchen chaos. With Attune II your staff members can speak with customers in a digitally-enhanced quiet zone where they can communicate efficiently and get orders right the first time. Noise doesn't have to be deafening to be distracting. We designed Attune II to reduce the low and mid volume sounds that are a constant of restaurant life by up to 4 times. Attune II can even reduce the loudest sounds encountered in a restaurant by a factor of 2


Rise Above the Noise

Attune™ II is the most-effective, noise-cancelling headset system in the industry. Combine that with rugged headsets that can take 1,100 lbs. of crushing force and keep working, and you’ve got a system that can speed orders and save massive amounts in repair and replacement costs.

Silence: the sweet sound of your success
Every time a customer or an employee has to repeat an order, your business loses precious seconds. Attune II radically reduces every type of sound that can interrupt the conversation using three, key technologies: active noise cancellation, dynamic noise suppression and the DECT protocol.

Active noise cancellation

Fryers, soda machines, customers — restaurants are noise machines. We designed Attune II to actively cancel out low-, mid- and high-volume background noise. Popping on a set of Attune II headsets is like turning down the volume on your entire establishment.

Dynamic noise suppression

Standard noise suppression eliminates low-frequency, steady hums like crowds and machinery. Attune II suppresses all of those, plus sounds most headphones can’t cancel out — like sirens, blaring horns and kitchen chaos. Attune II gives your staff and customers a quiet, calm space where they can communicate clearly and easily.

DECT: clear communications
Attune II operates on the restricted, 1.9-GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) band — not the 2.4-GHz band other headsets share with Wi-Fi, cell phones and other devices. The DECT band, plus our true, digital packet transmission technology, gives Attune II the bandwidth it needs to deliver maximum clarity.

Built to take whatever your restaurant dishes out
From its tough, inch-wide headband, to its heavy-duty buttons and fully sealed, oil-, water -and grease-resistant design, Attune II is built to outlast every competitor on the market.

Tested to 1,100 lbs.

Endured 20,000 rotations and a 44-lb. pull — with no damage

Withstood 300,000 openings and 13,000 flattenings with no damage

Built to repair with screws and gaskets (not glue) so it’s easy to repair

The heart of the system
Attune II features a completely redesigned center module that uses touch screen technology to make setup and management easier and more intuitive. A pair of modules can manage up to 4 drive-thru lanes and 32 headsets in an intelligent system that integrates traffic flow, surveillance cameras and real-time POS data to improve service speed, situational awareness and security.

For added reliability, data for the entire system — from transaction voice recordings, to video and system settings — is automatically recorded to SD cards so you never lose a byte of information 



  • WX-CC411 & WX-CC412 (Center Module):  
  • Operating frequency: 1921.536 MHz to 1928.448 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: −10 °C to +50 °C {14 °F to 122 °F}
  • Operating humidity range: 20 % to 90 % (no condensation)
  • Power source: AC 100 V to 120 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Power Connector: Universal Type with an 3 pins AC Inlet
  • Power consumption: 17 W
  • Dimensions: 375 mm (W) x 275 mm (H) x 50 mm (D) {14-49/64 inches (W) x 10-53/64 inches (H) x 1-31/32 inches (D)}
  • Weight: Approx. 1.9 kg {4.2 lbs.} (Excluding the wall mounting bracket)
  • WX-CH427 (Headset for Belt Pack):  
  • Cord length: 1.1 m {3.6 ft.}
  • Weight 2: 95 g {0.21 lbs.}
  • Input/output plugs: Combined Ø2.5/Ø3.5 tip-ring type plug 2.5 plug: Microphone 3.5 plug: Speaker
  • Type: Dynamic
  • Impedance: 35 at 1 kHz
  • Standard input: 10 mW
  • Maximum input: 40 mW
  • Output sound pressure level: 120 dB SPL at 1 kHz, 10 mW input
  • Frequency response: 150 Hz - 6 000 Hz
  • Type 2: Omnidirectional electret condenser microphone
  • Output impedance: 2.2 k at 1 kHz: 2.2 k at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity: −44 dB at 1 kHz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa at 1 kHz)
  • WX-CH450 (All in One Headset):  
  • Frequency Characteristic: 1921.536 MHz to 1928.448 MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range 2: -10 °C to +50 °C {14 °F to 122 °F}
  • Power Supply: DC 3.7 V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)
  • Dimensions 2: 190 mm (W) x 278 mm (H) x 40 mm (D) {7-1/2 inches (W) x 10-15/16 inches (H) x 1-9/16 inches (D)}
  • Weight 3: Mass Approx 130 g {0.29 lbs} (without Battery)
  • Type 3: Uni-directional Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Maximum Input Level: 110 dBSPL
  • Nominal Output Level: 96 dBSPL
  • Maximum Output Level: Less than 115 dBSPL
  • Frequency Response 2: 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • WX-CT420 (Belt Pack Order Taker):  
  • Frequency Characteristic 2: 1921.536 MHz to 1928.448 MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range 3: -10 °C to +50 °C {14 °F to 122 °F}
  • Power Supply 2: DC 3.7 V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)
  • Dimensions 3: 190 mm (W) x 278 mm (H) x 40 mm (D) {7-1/2 inches (W) x 10-15/16 inches (H) x 1-9/16 inches (D)}
  • Weight 4: Mass Approx 130 g {0.29 lbs} (without Battery)
  • Type 4: Uni-directional Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Maximum Input Level 2: 110 dBSPL
  • HEADPHONE 2:  
  • Nominal Output Level 2: 96 dBSPL
  • Maximum Output Level 2: Less than 115 dBSPL
  • Frequency Response 3: 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • WX-CS460 (Speaker):  
  • Frequency Characteristic 3: 1921.536 MHz to 1928.448 MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range 4: -10 °C to +50 °C {14 °F to 122 °F}
  • Power Supply 3: DC 3.7 V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)
  • Dimensions 4: 121 mm (W) x 61 mm (H) x 24 mm (D) {4-3/4 inches (W) x 2-13/32 inches (H) x 15/16 inches (D)}
  • Weight 5: Approx 110 g {0.24 lbs} (without Battery)
  • INPUT:  
  • Connector Type: 2.5 stereo jack
  • Nominal Input Level: -45 dBV
  • OUTPUT:  
  • Connector Type 2: 3.5 monaural jack
  • Nominal Output Level 3: -16 dBV (35 ohms)
  • Frequency Response 4: 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Footnotes: 2 Based on IEC 62087 Ed.2 measurement method. 3 When unit is stored in an environment where temperature is 104° - 140°, humidity level should be between 20%-40%. *Specifications are subject to change without notice


Warranty Information

Panasonic Limited Warranty Periods (Return to Dept and Advanced Exchange)

Model Description Warranty

WX-C3010 Center Module 48 Months
WX-T3020 Order Taker 30 Months
WX-H3050 AIO Headset 24 Months
WX-H3027 OT Headset 12 Months
WX-Z3040 Battery Charger 12 Months
WX-B3030 Battery (No Warranty – Consumable)
WX-C550 Speaker 12 Months
WX-C1050 Speaker 12 Months
WX-CT2020 Order Taker 30 Months
WX-C2050A AIO Headset 24 Months
WX-C1027 Headset 12 Months
WX-CC2010 Center Module 48 Months
WX-C550 Speaker 12 Months
WX-C1050 Speaker 12 Months
WX-C516 Power Supply 12 Months
WX-C545 Antenna Kit 12 Months

For repair of these items please contact:
Panasonic c/o Heartland Svcs.
1615 Dundee Avenue Dock G.
Elgin, IL 60120
Phone (800)-532-1772

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