Single/Dual lane support

The WX-CC411 is designed for single lane operation of drive-thru outlets; the WX-CC412 is designed for dual lane operation.

We can save the customer money by ordering the exact model for their operational needs. When using the dual lane model, it is possible to select the lane directly or switch the lane for use.

1.9 GHz DECT. 6.0

This product utilizes the 1.9 GHz band DECT frequency.

Will not suffer any interference from microwave ovens or wireless LAN which operate in the 2.4 GHz and higher frequency bands. No need to renew your Frequency Usage License like most of our competitors.

SD Card Slot

Attune II Center Module supports up to a 32GB SD Card.

Using an SD card, it is possible to back up and restore the settings, and save messages unique to the outlet. This can also be helpful when staging a multiple store roll out by coping the settings.

7" LCD Touch Display

This unit has a 7inch, LCD display with a touch panel.

Touch makes using the Panasonic Attune II much easier and fast.

Wall mount bracket

The Center Module is mounted to a wall on a removable bracket.

The cabinet supports wall-mounting for easy installation and swap replacement. The unit can be removed without the need of a service tech on-site saving quite a bit of money.

IP Standard Network

This unit can be connected to an IP network using Ethernet to enable remote control operations to be performed.

Support teams can easily connect to the Center module to help diagnose the health state of the system.


Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

4 levels of DNR are supported for both outbound and inbound noise.

A high degree of vocal clarity is ensured by a powerful echo canceler and digital noise reduction. DNR can be adjusted for the outbound and inbound noises separately, providing the best possible clarity based by each site and restaurant noise levels.

Echo Canceler

4 levels of Echo Canceler are supported

Communication can bounce amongst object in the drive through with causes an echo affect. Echo cancellation is very important for audio communications when simultaneous communication (or full-duplex transmission) of speech is necessary.


The system contains a day and time scheduler.

Enables the greeter message to be changed at designated times and reminder messages to be played back automatically.

Camera Support

Up to four Panasonic i-Pro IP Network Cameras are supported.

Images and alerts can be saved on the SD card, and can be monitored on this Control Module’s LCD display.

Alert Capabilities

Alert signals that have been received can be sent to the All-In-One Headsets or Belt Packs.

Signals can be output to external devices, and alert Emails can be sent to external destinations.

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