All-In-One and Belt Pack headsets

Attune now offers the WX-CH455 headset.

A lightweight self-contained headset, the CH455 works interchangeably on both the 3030 or Attune II Center Modules, the customer can mix and match older belt-pack/headsets to suit the best possible convenience and operations of each store. Or belt-packs

Manager mode

It is possible to set the manager mode to one of the headset registered in the Center Module.

A person using this feature has the priority of communication allowing the manager to override the crew member to the customer to correct or intervene.

Multiple talk modes.

Press-To-Talk, Talk-Lock and Auto Talk-Lock modes.

Depending on the preferences of the operators, each headset can be programmed between these modes. Press-To-Talk allows user to push the talk button to talk and release to listen. The Talk-Lock mode allows user to push the talk button and have a two way conversation with the customer. The Auto Talk-Lock mode will automatically turn on the talk and listen mode when a car pulls up to the speak post.

Multiple page modes

Similar to the talk modes, the headsets can be setup for Push to talk and Talk Lock to have internal communications.

It is possible to select the Page-Lock or Press-To-Page mode.

Alert button

Functions vary depending on the Center Module to which the user is connected.

Using this function button for email notifications and other alerts which can be sent to external parties through the Center Module

Lane indicator

Lights orange or green to indicate which lane is in operation.

Allows to easily detect which lane the headset is servicing

32 Headsets / System

The total number of All-In-One Headsets and Belt Packs that can be registered is 32. Up to four operators can communicate at the same time per lane using All-In-One Headsets and Belt Packs.

Allowing up to 32 headsets per system will support some of the largest restaurants in the industry.

Regional Manager Headset

Each headset can be connected to 32 Center Module.

Normally when a manager enters a store, the crew will be on their perfect behavioral but while the manager is away, the crew tends to be lenient on customer service. The Regional Manager headset feature allows a manager carry their own headset and be connected up to 32 stores. Utilizing this feature gives the manager the ability to drive to the store, park and just start listening to the communication between the crew and the customer.

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