Warranty, Product Repair Service and Support

Wireless Attune System Services

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PANASONIC Hospitality Helpdesk  
Phone: (877) 726-2767 or Email: hospdealersupport@us.panasoni

Warranty Coverage

PANASONIC Heartland Repair Center 
Phone: (847) 888-7000 or Email: SCali@heartlandsi.com

If your Panasonic POS product needs an in-warranty repair, simply ship the unit to the Panasonic Depot Repair Center. No RMA required. We will repair and return the item via prepaid freight using the same shipping method.

Service Options

Select from one or more of the programs listed on the back to obtain the perfect combination of support services that best conforms to your store’s configuration, age of units and in-house technical capabilities.

Advance Exchange

Enables you to receive a working replacement unit prior to returning the defective unit. Shipping method is based on the impact the pending repairs have on your store’s operations.

On-Site Service

If a covered failure occurs and cannot be remedied by the Help Desk, we will dispatch a technician to the site and, if needed, arrange shipment of an Advance Exchange unit to meet the technician at the store.

Annual Depot Repair

You may purchase an extended service agreement that will cover the repair costs for any failure that would have been covered by the original warranty.

This is available for all items not specifically covered by Advance Exchange.

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