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Product Overview

Troubleshooting/Charging/Parts Overview


The power indicator blinks red.

‐The ID of this product is not yet registered in the Center Module and a wireless connection cannot be made. Register ID in the Center Module of the target. The power indicator lights red.

‐The battery is almost exhausted. Replace the battery with a charged one. Cannot turn on the headset.

‐The battery is exhausted. Replace the battery with a charged one. ‐The battery is not inserted correctly. Position the battery properly. Cannot communicate with another headset or the speaker post.

‐The Center Module may be turned off. Make sure the Center Module has power. If no remedy exists, consult your dealer for repairs.

‐The headset ID is not registered in the Center Module of the target. Register ID in the Center Module of the target.

‐The [S] +[P] or [S] + [T] buttons may have been pressed at the same time, causing the extended functions to start. Turn the headset power off and then back on. Cannot hear or talk to the speaker post, but communications with other headsets are working properly.

‐The vehicle detector may be malfunctioning because the detector is not plugged into the Center Module, no power is supplied, or the detecting function is out of order. Check that the vehicle detector is plugged in and has power. Cannot “talk” or “page” in certain areas.

‐Radio waves cannot reach the area Remove any metal obstacles blocking radio waves. If no remedy exists, consult your dealer for repairs. Charging  Use the supplied charging attachment to charge the battery with the battery charger. The charging time is approximately 3 hours (when charged from empty to full). For details on the indicator during charging, refer to the operating instructions for the battery charger. When the charging attachment (accessory) is attached to the battery charger as shown in the figure below, insert the battery while matching the terminals.

Included Accessories  PGGX1006ZAC1 ‐

- Color tips – Black PGGX1006ZBC1

‐ Color Tip – Red PGGX1006ZCC1

‐ Color Tip – Blue PGGX1006ZDC1

‐ Color Tip– Green PGGX1006ZEC1

‐ Color Tip – Yellow 2FA1CH455P

‐ Charging attachment Optional Accessories 

  • WX‐SB100 ‐ Battery (Li‐ion 3.7 V DC, 700 mAh)
  • WX‐Z3040A ‐ Battery Charger CONSUMABLES  
  • PGHG1521ZAC1 ‐ Head Pad (Adjustment Slide Pad)
  • PGHG1520ZAC1 ‐ Ear Pad
  • PGUR1108ZAC1 ‐ Headband

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