WX-C690WL Panasonic Attune Speaker/Microphone Cable Kit - Wet Location Rated 150FT Spool

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Product Overview

Panasonic Attune WX-C690WL Cable Kit, Wet Location Rated 150FT Spool. The "Wet Wire Cable" is more durable and will more effectively    withstand outdoors elements, including snow, rain, heat and cold.

This cable includes the following: ALL CONNECTIONS MUST BE SPLICED AND SOLDERED

  • Loop Wiring Run from - to Optional In-Ground Loop Wiring then connected to Auto Greater Control (1 Pair 18 AWG insolated Wire - Yellow/Yellow)
  • Microphone Wire (1 Pair 22 AWG insolated Wire - Red/Black/Drain)
  • Speaker Wire (1 Pair 22 AWG insolated Wire - Blue/White/Drain)
  • Shielding
  • Blue Heavy Duty Outer Jacket for Wet Locations

Model WX-C690WL  150FT



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review